higley welding stainless steel fire pits

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Naughty Roasting Sticks

Made from type 409 Stainless Steel. 32" long rod with rare hard to find Alaska & Minnesota Diamond willow handles.
                                                                                                                   WE SHIP TO CANADA                         
                 That Is Just Wrong!   
                                                        All Roasting Sticks are $40.00 (Pair) or mix and match $20.00 Each  Plus Shipping  
                               Choose your GoNad Size!
        Each set comes with Hard To Find - Diamond Willow Handles              New! Pecker Handles  Hand Carved From Diamond Willow  $12.50                                               
                                                       Naughty Santa & Santinitta      
                                                                                         SANTA AND MS SANTA      Sold as pair $40.00 Plus Shipping

                                                         Naughty Fire Fighter He-She

                                                                         hE sHE cOPS

                                                                                                 CONE HEADS     
                                            WE WELCOME THE NAUGHTY CONE HEADS TO OUR FAMILY  

                                                                                                              NAUGHTY GIRL
                                                                                              FOOTBALL JOCK AND CHEERLEADER                      

                                                                                HOW TO ORDER
                                      Sold as individuals or in pairs. $20.00 Each or $40.00 Pair Plus Shipping
                                      1st Email HigleyMetals@Gmail.com
                                      2nd Tell me the character type and quanity.
                                      3rd I will send you the itemized pay now invoice from Pay Pal. You may use Pay Pal or any Credit Card if
                                      you do not have a Pay Pal account.
                                      The Pay Pal invoice will be itemized  with a total plus shipping.
                                      Canada customers are responsible for there own duty and tax's.

                                     I am to busy at Christmas Time to take phone orders.




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